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Which Fuel?


Different fuels, such as regular gasoline, diesel or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will affect the availability and size of the gensets. So, before buying some genset consider the advantages and disadvantages of these fuels.



Diesel fuel is generally recommended in cases of emergency. For example, ASTM D975 diesel fuel No.2-D is one of the best for use in emergency cases because the engines of the gensets will start faster compared by using a different fuel. Still another advantage is that diesel engines last longer gensets. However, if you would like to use diesel for their gensets is important to consult the factory because it alerts you if the engines of the gensets that you have accepted the diesel fuel.


If you are using diesel .It's important to know that gensets have to be in the same place with the diesel tank. However, the tank that contain diesel fuel must not be too big because the diesel only during two years, so diesel tank should be allow diesel easy rotation.Also during the two years need to be fairly easy to do tests to see if the diesel is well to use in their machines. If the use of diesel in the tank is very rare or the deposit is very high wet ,the best that you can do is put a microbicide. Usually, a microbicide will detect if your diesel tank has high levels of microbes in the fuel and, that's right , you can make the right decisions to solve the problem because high levels of microbes can cause damage to the engines of the gensets


In very cold climates, such as : in climates where temperatures are regularly below freezing, you need to use - Premium No. 1-D fuel. Also, implement a rating system for the fuel could be useful because it could prevent clogging of the filters when temperatures drop.


Biodiesel fuel

In fact, biodiesel fuels are produced from various renewable products, such as vegetable oils, animal fats and oils of course used in the kitchen. These fuels are called fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). Typically, when the fuel (biodiesel) is used in a diesel engine smoke that the engine produces, food and fuel the engine needs is drastically reduced. However, according to some sources, while the smoke from the engine to reduce other emissions could rise, so it's important to be careful if you want to use biodiesel for its engines.


If I wanted to mix biodiesel with diesel an advice is that the concentration should be not more than 20 percent because if more than 20 percent can cause problems for the genset.


Natural Gas

Generally, if you're using natural gas need not have a fuel tank in the same place where the generators are . Also, only to inform the natural gas fuel can be quite economical.


However, it is advisable to have a tank of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the same place where the generators are located because the liquefied petroleum gas may be useful in cases of emergency.


Motor generators can be damaged by butane gas. Sometimes butane utilities have added gasoline because it helps with the pressure in gas . Also, if you wanted to keep the generators engines in a good condition ,engine needs that gasoline must be clean and dry.


In comparison with diesel engines, motors that use natural gas will not work with the same efficiency, for example: generators that use natural gas are worse than the diesel-powered.

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